Music Channels

Blend up to 4 channels of your choosing for your own custom, unique music experience.


The most popular music on radio, without ads, announcements or station IDs.

Country Decades

Country music hits from the 80s, 90s and 2000s.

Country Gold

The founders of modern country music take their place in history.

Country Light

The lighter side of today's country.

Country Now

The hottest country songs of the current decade, nonstop.

Kickin' Dirt

Country and roots music that is authentic, strong willed and with independent spirit.

Young Country

Up and coming new country music artists.


The most popular music in the world, Christmas and holiday music in a variety of styles.

Christmas Carols

Classic carols and hymns of the Christmas season.

Christmas Peace

Instrumental Christmas and holiday favorites that are calming and relaxing.

Christmas R & B

Your favorite R & B artists let their talent shine at Christmastime.

Christmas Swing

Throughout the holidays, swing is king.

Festive Instrumentals

Instrumental backgrounds for holiday time.

Halloween Rocks

Frightfully fun songs for Halloween

Holiday Hits

Holiday hits of the modern era.


When you need music without the words, a big variety of instrumental music is here.

Chilled Lounge

Ambient, cool, modern instrumental grooves.

Deep Healing Spa

Spa music with a soothing, calming effect.

Elegance - Guitar and Piano Music

The upscale channel for softer, simpler background music featuring guitar and piano works.

Instrumental Praise and Worship

Praise and worship favorites tastefully performed without vocals.

Island Breezes

A relaxing tropical escape featuring marimba and steel drums.

Light Classical

Classical instrumental music, including lighter chamber pieces and smaller ensembles.

Light Instrumentals

Laid back, friendly instrumental background music.

Pet Relaxation

Music proven to calm pets. Reduce stress in your veterinary office with this pet-friendly music.

Positively Instrumental

Friendly, happy, a little laid back but not boring! Similar to the smooth jazz sound without the vocals.

Relaxing Atmospheres

Soft, healing, instrumental spa music.

Spa - Zen Garden

Sounds of nature blend with healing music to support body, mind and spirit. Ideal for Reiki, Massage, Meditation.

Upscale Chill Instrumentals

Upscale, chill instrumentals. Creative, unique and modern.


The sound of sophistication, explore Jazz in a broad spectrum of styles

Fusion Jazz

A contemporary instrumental jazz music blend Combining sophisticated improvisational jazz with elements of rock, funk and R and B. Chick Corea, Weather Report, Jaco Pastorius, Herbie Hancock.

Jazz Chill

Cool, classy and quiet jazz for a laid-back, sophisticated atmosphere.

Jazz Legends

Instrumentals that swing.

Latin Jazz Instrumentals

Exciting jazz music built on Latin American rhythms.

Smooth Jazz

Easy-going contemporary jazz -instrumentals and vocals - for a stylish and sophisticated background.

Natural Atmospheres

Background sounds to enhance your surroundings.

Natural Ambience - Birds

The music of nature, sweetly sung by birds from lake and forest.

Natural Ambience - Waves

Waves wash over sandy beaches. Meticulously recorded around the world.



Pop & Rock

The Pop And Rock channels on Overhead Music offer 60 years of hit songs.

Adult Alternative

Adult Album Alternative: contemporary and classic folk- rock and blues.

Adult Contemporary

Today's light rock and pop, plus favorites from adult contemporary radio.

Alternative Hits

Alternative rock and independent artists with an emphasis on the hottest new tracks.

Christian Hits

Today's Christian hits.

Classic Rock

Pure classic rock from the late 60s into the 80's.


Not the original artists! Creative and cool arrangements of great modern music.


Dance, Techno and Electronica hits with high energy.


Dreamy retro pop

Family Fun

Something fun for every member of the family.

Happy Pop

Upbeat, fun music to put a smile on your face.

Hit Mix

New and recent releases from the Hot 100. No oldies here.

Hot FM

Current, upbeat adult contemporary music.

Positive Pop

Motivational lyrics, positive-energy music to appeal to a wide audience.

Roadhouse Rock

The uptempo rock that goes with good beer, food, and friends.

Singer Songwriters

Singer-songwriters and acoustic covers.

Summer Splash

A fun blend that captures the spirit of an outdoor party with pop, classic rock, oldies, country and reggae.


Heart-pumping, high energy workout blend.


Music is a time machine like no other. Our Retro channels transport you to the era of your choice.


Pop hits from 1962 to 1969.


Pop, rock, funk, disco and soft vocals. The 70's had it all, and it's all right here.

80s 90s 2000s

8-9-0 plays hits from 30 years of popular music.

80s Hits

This channel is, like, totally 80s.


Celebrating cars, driving, cruising and music for the road.

Sock Hop

Nostalgic tunes that filled jukeboxes in the late 50's and early 60's.

Soft Rock

The very listenable soft rock genre. Smooth and melodic.

Swing Singers

Sinatra and friends kick up a cool, swingin' soundtrack that really hits the spot.


Recent and current R & B and soul hits.

Blues Festival

A celebration of blues music, including traditional, modern and blues rock.

New Orleans Funk

New Orleans inspired R & B grooves.

Nu Funk

Today's version of deep funk that has become a worldwide phenomenon.

Old School Hip Hop Instrumentals

Instrumental versions of golden age hip hop hits straight outta California.

R&B/Hip-Hop [Clean]

Direct from the R&B/Hip Hop Charts, today's most requested artists, edited for mainstream use.

Retro Funk

Energetic 60s and 70s grooves blending R & B, soul and jazz.

Retro R&B

The Soul/Rhythm and Blues start of radio airplay in the 60s and 70s

Slow Jams

The best downtempo urban and soul tracks from 2014 through today.

Urban Adult Contemporary

The newest R & B and soul hits from contemporary urban radio, without heavy rap.


Bring the world to your doorstep with unique rhythms and instrumentation.

Bistro Italiano

Vocal and instrumental favorites from Italy, plus romantic Italian-American classics.

Irish Pub

The perfect St. Patrick's Day soundtrack, in a mix of upbeat folk and rock tracks.

Pop Latino

The perfect blend of upbeat Spanish-language pop, dance and rock music.

Restaurante Mexicano

A festive blend of Mexican Music, including Cumbia, Mariachi, Corridos, Conjunto and more.

Smooth World Beats

Jazzy instrumentals with international flair. Brazil, Peru, Africa, Spain, Cuba and beyond.